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  • Author: Korona
  • Added: 2 years ago
  • Updated: 1 year ago
  • mIRC Version: 7.58
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mIRC Korona 15.3 (Build: 399)

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same tipology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

This Script is made in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian. By default, is set up to English. To change the language, type: /language

For those who have installed already an old version (from 14.7 to 15.21 version) can update the Script only. When you update the Script to 15.3 version, settings, logs, personal files will remain exactly as are.

To download the script, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/download
To view screenshots, visit: http://alexscript.webs.com/screenshots
We can discuss through: http://alexscript.webs.com/discussion
You can contact me: http://alexscript.webs.com/contact-faq
My website dedicated to this Script is: http://alexscript.webs.com

I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.

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Source Code:
  1. - [ADD] Added option to use the standard mIRC NickList for all channels or NickLust (modern nicklist). By default, is set to use NickLust.
  2. - [ADD] Added option to enter the channels where NickLust will be excepted and will be used the standard mIRC Nicklist instead on those channels. Also this option can be enabled/disabled. By default, is not enabled.
  3. - [ADD] Added option to enter the channels where NickLust will be used only. Also this option can be enabled/disabled. By default, is not enabled.
  4. - [ADD] Added option to enable/disable NickLust on those channels that are included in the List of Hider (hide channels). By default, is not enabled.
  5. - [ADD] Added NickList options dialog where you can set the options of Nicklist and NickLust on channels (see adds above). This dialog is included in Control Panel, Starter Menu and Start Dialog menu.
  6. - [ADD] Added more security issues to prevent the using of Multi-Server option. mIRC Korona will never support Multi-Server option.
  7. - [ADD] Added a special dialog (informative) available on right-click to the Topic text object from Alternative Central Channel that will show the full topic (in case the topic doesn't fit the rectangle of that text object). Also added a tooltip to this text object that will acknowledge you about: left-click - will make topic editable, right-click - display the full topic in a separate (special) dialog. (Thanks to westor for this suggestion).
  8. - [ADD] Added feature to add nicks to the List of Ignores (and List of Friends) and included a smart script that will detect the ignore (or friend) first of all by the address of the nick and if the address is null, than will lookup for the nick in the list.
  9. - [ADD] Added Friends and Ignores groups to Niklust (Nicklist), where will be grouped all the friends and the ignores from the current channel to the respective groups. This option will be available only if NickLust is enabled for that channel. (Thanks to Taavi S. for this suggestion).
  10. - [ADD] Added right-click event on Query bars for Friends object that will open the List of Friends.
  11. - [ADD] Added options to Status bar, Query bars and Channel bars when they are in the collapsed states (shortcuts to the objects when the bars are extended).
  12. - [ADD] Added the percentages to Youtube likes and dislikes when you about to retrieve an youtube link info or when an youtube link is posted in a query/channel.
  13. - [FIX] Fixed Owners and Super-ops groups to be displayed correctly in colors and states for NickLust.
  14. - [FIX] Fixed Joins object from Stats (Statistics dialog) not counted correctly the total record of joins on channels. You will have to reset this object from Statistics dialog if you want to store the record in time.
  15. - [FIX] Some elements of the dialogs have been arranged to be positioned correctly and symmetrically on mIRC Theme.
  16. - [MODIFY] Modified to not set focus on Nick Info dialog (when you hover a nick in a channel chat) while you are typing in that moment in channel.
  17. - [MODIFY] Modified List of Ignores and the ignore command: /ignore [-dxpcnri|on|off|help|help -x|view] <nick> [spy] due to the changes made above. In this version, the List of Ignores is reseted, so will need to refill the list. No more resets will be made in the next versions.
  18. - [MODIFY] Modified List of Friends due to the changes made above. In this version, the List of Friends is reseted, so you'll need to refill the list. No more resets will be made in the next versions.
  19. - [MODIFY] Replaced the methods how NickLust is initiated from variables and readers to hash tables that increase a little the process speed. Also this is available for the Ignores and Friends scripts.
  20. - [MODIFY] Now if you right-click a nick from Nicklist of a channel, the Nick Info dialog will be closed in case is open.
  21. - [MODIFY] When you hover with mouse an item from Starter dialog menu (Apps), the item will be highlighted now.
  22. - [MODIFY] Now you must press CTRL while you hover a nick in a channel the Nick Info dialog to be shown.
  23. - [MODIFY] Modified Friends and Ignore icons on Query bars.
  24. - [MODIFY] Youtube views, comments, likes and dislikes now will be 3-digit suffixed for a better visual reading.
  26. - [NOTE] Since I've released my Script to public, I've never made it shareware and I will not, even though none of you has donated me at least $1 for the effort and the work I have done.
  27. Because I am programming my script in Windows 10 only, I have restricted the script to be used only on Windows 10, because between Windows 10 and the rest there are even major differences (for example: Smiles that are based on Unicode 6.0 and above is not working in Windows 7, Task Manager also is not working due to the fact that wmic in Windows 10 has a different syntax in comparison with Windows 7 and so on), I have no time and desire to adjust my script for all operating systems, because it's a lot of work.
  28. It's a hobby for me to make scripts, to improve them, to be proud that others use it, but I realize that mIRC is a little dead, few in all these years contacted me to thank me or to give me any suggestion, ideas on the script. I realize that I'm losing many days doing the same thing 3-4 times to adjust for all operating systems, basically, instead of doing just once for a single operating system I work in. I'm asking for thousands of apologies for those who consider these bad news (I really do not even know if there is someone using my script in Windows 7 or 8/8.1), but this is my final decision. That or those who will insist to include in support Windows 7, 8/8.1, for example, have only to pay my work (which will not be cheap at all). I want to put in attention one more time that I guarantee that my script will always be freeware using the given conditions.

Comments (1)
June 14th, 2020 - By: AlexScript
Once, no one in the last years didn't donate me and i don't have time to make another releases (however in my To-Do list are many new things, changes etc.), no one don't want to help me financial, i decided to CLOSE THE PROJECT!

The last version made is: 15.3! Those who have the latest version, can use it, but some of the scripts will not work in the future, because they need to be updated. I'm tired...

Sorry for everything.. Big thanks goes to Il-Kane, Taavi S., Mario Osky, westor, Nuno Silva and others for their help, suggestions, opinions etc. Really, sorry guys.. :)

P.S. Although, i will stay in mIRC and i'm in touch. The Contact info will be open all the time..

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