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LagMeter 2.0

* Information about Installation

1: Unzip the file into your mIRC directory
2: To Load this into your remotes, there are TWO way
a) press ALT + R then click File > choose Load, find the path to the file lagmeter.mrc then click Ok
b) put the unzipped folder in your mIRC Dirctory and Type: //load -rs " $+ $findfile($mircdirlagmeter,*lagmeter.mrc,1) $+ "

[NOW] You have the add-on loaded

* What does this Addon do ?
.This addon shows your lag in the active server in a dialog in text and showing it with a progress bar

* How to use this Addon ?
.Just when you enable the Lag Mater, On Connect. the dialog will open by itself and a timer will be activated to start the lag metering.

* How To UNLOAD this add-on
simpley type //unload -rs lagmeter.MRC
Or.. Via the Popup Menu (Menubar)

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