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This DLL extends mIRC's CNICK feature, enabling you to color the
mode symbols (@,+,.,%) seperatly in the nicklist.

How to set it up

1). First of all, Part any channels you are in, And Place the DLL in a
directory, somewhere.
For the examples in this file, I will assume the DLL is in the $mircdir.

2). The DLL is now ready, Feel free to Rejoin your Channels.

How To Define The Colors
The DLL integrates with the "Nick Colors" section in the mIRC Address Book.

1). Open the mIRC Address Book. To do this, you can either type /abook
or Press ALT+B, or click the Address Book icon on the toolbar.

2). In the Address Book, Select the "Nick" tab.

3). We will now add a Color for @ symbols. The procedure for
adding colors is the same for +,%,and . symbols too.

1.Press the "Add" button, in the "Nick Colors" section.
The "Add" window will appear.
2.Choose a color from the "Nick Color" dropdown menu.
3.Check the box that says "Nick or Address (nick!user@host)".
4.In the Edit field immediatly below that box, type an '@' symbol.
5.Make sure no other checkboxes are selected, and then Press OK.
4). Close the Address Book. Your Nicklist should now update itself.

It is not recommended that you use Ktools.dll or DMU.dll with
CNICK.dll. These DLL's conflict with each other.

ATTENTION (westor): Some antivirus marks this DLL as virus, it's antivirus fault, i've tested and is working perfectly without any problems.

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Source Code:
  1. ON *:START:dll CNICK.dll JOIN .
  2. ON *:JOIN:#:if ($nick == $me) dll CNICK.dll JOIN $target

Comments (3)
October 31st, 2019 - By: Mapantz
Hi westor

After about 7 years away from mIRC, I decided to scratch around and get mIRC up and running again. The first thing I remembered, was 'CNICK.DLL' and did a search, and this site came up. I had to register!

I have got it loaded and working. However, could I request that some extra prefixes be added? The & and ~ is used on my friends server, it would be nice to colour those.

November 9th, 2019 - By: westor
Hello Mapantz,

I don't have any compile tools to edit and re-compile it to have a .dll version but as i saw the source code (SOURCE.pas) file, i saw the problem is into line 133 , try change the file to this code https://mypastebin.com/LvdXK then re-compile it and it should work (not for sure).
November 19th, 2019 - By: Mapantz
Thanks westor.

Do you know what language it is written in?

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