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PNG Tiny 1-color Wallpaper or Background v1

/PNG [[/#6hex | /colorR,G,B | [/rand]] [[/wh] | [/width16-4096] [/height16-4096]] [/overwrite] [/+N] <[path\]filename.png>

Creates a very small 1-color .png image, using $compress to create the compressed data expected by the PNG format. If filename doesn't include path, image is written to your mirc.ini's folder. Quotes not needed, won't write to disk unless filename is *.png

If you want to make a wallpaper for a mobile device that mIRC can't run on, just create the .png on mIRC elsewhere and use the dimensions of the other screen.

Tested on mIRC6.35 and 7.51+, not sure how earlier it works

The syntax message always dispays every time you use the script, showing several examples. If you don't see 2 red lines at the top, then it didn't write your wallpaper to disk.

By default, creates dimensions 1366x768, but /wh overrides as whatever your current monitor resolution is. Or you can override with /widthN and/or /heightN

Color can be specified as either /# followed by 6 hex digits or /color followed by 3 comma-separated numbers 0-255. Or /rand randomly chooses 0-255 for each RGB value. Default color is of course, maroon.

/overwrite switch prevents accidental overwriting existing files, won't overwrite without it.

/+N defaults to /+3000 and is the number of extra bytes of uncompressed data. If +N isn't large enough, Explorer won't show the icon next to the filename, and some viewers won't show the image. The required number increases as width*height increases, and sometimes increasing N results in compressed data shrinking slightly.

Screenshot created with:
/png /#800000 /+972 /width1366 /height768 /overwrite maroon.png

Project icon created by converting screenshot to 64x64 .ico, results in filesize nearly 5x larger.

Uploaded By: maroon
Author: maroon
Added: 3/30/2018
Last Updated: Never
mIRC Version: used 6.35 & 7.51+
Hits: 171
Size: 12.03KB
Downloads: 4
Review By: entropy

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