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Invalid Server Commands Blocker v0.90

Block invalid commands sent to server which either risk you booted for flooding, or leak private info meant for local alias.
uses RAW 421 to put invalid commands on blacklist, and ON PARSELINE to block them again
If you enable the option to block non-whitelist commands and you experience server problems, check the graylist for commands that belong on the whitelist. It should be obvious where in the script to add new commands to the basic whitelist.
If you're not an OPER at a network, don't add the OPER commands list, so it won't need to search a longer whitelist.

Uploaded By: maroon
Author: maroon
Added: 4/4/2018
Last Updated: Never
mIRC Version: v7.52 possibly 7.42
Hits: 131
Size: 11.44KB
Downloads: 2
Review By: entropy

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