Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the questions and answers that most frequent this site.

Q: What does 'Keep Me Online' mean?
A: This option (checked) keeps you logged in for 1 week, without being checked, you are online unless you are idle more than an hour.

Q: How do I view all of a member's projects?
A: On the top right search field, type the author, then select the "Author" dropdown category and click "search".

Q: What does the 'X' mean in many pages?
A: It means you click the 'X' to delete the item.

Q: What's the difference between snippet and addon?
A: Snippet is one *.mrc file, while Addon has many files (not neccessarily many mrc files).

Q: So if an addon is many files, what's a fullscript?
A: Addon is something with a single purpose, while a full script has many purposes and many functions (and many files).

Q: What are Tips?
A: Tips are mIRC Scripting Language pointers, directly from the gurus themselves.

Q: What are Articles?
A: Articles are mIRC Scripting Language blogs from the experts.

Q: What are Challenges?
A: Challenges are mSL challenges from a member that consists of a specific topic, and the rules of a specific challenge.

Q: What is a Super Admin?
A: Super Admins can add/delete Admins. The rest of the abilities are the same as Admin. See "What is an Admin?" (below).

Q: What is an Admin?
A: An Admin is a site administrator with many abilities. They can give "Moderator" status, Review Projects, see all who are online, set Default Timezone, set Default Date Format, set Default Theme, set Default Title, set Popup Advertisement, view Admin list, view Moderator list, Delete Member, get Member IP, add/delete bans, delete any project, delete any comment, and more.

Q: What is a Moderator?
A: Moderators can review projects, add/delete any comment/reply, set News, set Articles and set Tips.

Q: What does [code][/code] mean on comments/replies/tips/articles?
A: This allows mSL syntax highlighting for supplied text. Example:
  • text here
  • [code]
  • on *:start:{ echo Welcome to mIRC $version $+ ! }
  • on *:exit:{ echo Thanks for using mIRC! }
  • [/code]
  • text here
Q: How do i delete my projects?
A: First, be logged in, then click "My Projects" under "username". Here, you will see all of your projects. Click the "Delete" button (on the right) to delete your files.

Q: How do i delete my own account?
A: Login, goto "Options", at the bottom, click "Delete My Account" and click the "Ok" when prompted.

Q: When will my script be approved?
A: If we like your script, it should be accepted within a couple of hours, or it could take a few days. Basically, if its simple, it will get accepted/rejected sooner than large scripts.

Q: Why register an account?
A: With a registered account, you can: Submit projects, Comment on projects, Submit responses to Polls, Access the options panel, Access the messages panel, Add challenges, Chat from the main page, "like" or "dislike" pages, and more!