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clip2disk - saves clipboard to disk v1.0

Creates (or appends to) disk file the text contents of the clipboard while preserving leading/trailing spaces
Won't overwrite file without -o switch.
-o overwrite file
-a append to file
-b remove blank lines at top+bottom
-t remove trailing spaces
Size of file limited to size of &binvar, which should be 100's of millions depending on avail resources. (Divide resources in half when using -t or -b because it needs to create 2nd &binvars)
Reports the # lines and # bytes written to disk, and the resulting file size
Codepoints 128+ are UTF-8 encoded because that's what mIRC says is in the clipboard
This upload file was created with: /clip2disk -otb filename

Uploaded By: maroon
Added: 3/25/2018
Last Updated: 3/25/2018
mIRC Version: requires 7.52+
Hits: 107
Size: 3.84KB
Downloads: 0
Review By: entropy

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