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Peace and Protection 4.22.9

Out of all mIRC scripts, Pai's Peace and Protection is undefeated in style and substance. Pai released PnP 4.22 back in February 2002. It's contains some 30.000 lines of code and covers most inbuilt mIRC identifiers and aliases. Whereas other scripts are no longer working (due to relying on dlls that no longer work with newer mIRC versions), PnP continues to shine as everything is written in mSL!

PnP is designed to be a good choice for anyone looking for a mIRC script. All of its features are highly configurable, so you don't need to settle for what someone else thinks is best. Most features work quietly in the background- and those that don't can be turned off. You can keep yourself and your channels safe, and have a much nicer overall IRC experience. PnP doesn't have the sleek, fancy look that some scripts have- instead, all development time went into making useful, flexible, and powerful features. Browse through configuration and the popups for just a glimpse of the many features available... or just run it with the default configuration and learn as you go.

Core features

Included, but not limited to:

Comprehensive away system
Favorites (Networks and channels; auto-connect + auto-join + auto-fill etc)
Whois tome
Comprehensive theming (Theme Central)
User list + black list + authorization list
Comprehensive self protection (DCC, CTCP, Queries, Notices)
Comprehensive channel protection (censor, flood, scroll, repeating, clones, takeover, abuse)
Customizable popups (Channel, Menubar, Nicklist, Query, Status)
Dynamically loaded server list popups in status window
Update mIRC titlebar with information
Translation support: PnP is available in English, Türkçe (Turkish) and Nederlands (Dutch)

Included add-ons:

X / Z / P Bot support (Undernet, OZorg, Netgamers respectively; this can be adjusted in NETWFEAT.DAT. Q bot for QuakeNet is not supported!)
Sound support
NickServ support
ChanServ support
LastSeen (keeping track of users)
Rerouting (the ability to take text from one window and display it in another)
Spam Blocker
XDCC support (limited file server)

Support: https://github.com/solbu/Peace-and-Protection
Wiki: https://github.com/solbu/Peace-and-Protection/wiki
Issues: https://github.com/solbu/Peace-and-Protection/issues
Forum: http://www.kristshell.net/pnp/

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Comments (6)
March 31st, 2018 - By: acvxqs
I forgot to mention there's a couple of add-ons for PnP 4.22, they can be obtained here: https://github.com/acvxqs/PnPAddons422. Also there's a repo for older add-ons (written for PnP < 4.22), they can be had here: https://github.com/acvxqs/PnPAddons320 (these may or may not work- needs testers)

If you have a cool add-on for PnP let me know! Cheers
August 18th, 2019 - By: acvxqs
I added a WEATHER.PPA addon to the PnPAddons422 repository on GitHub! It requires SReject's JSON For mIRC and a OpenWeatherMap API key. If you run mIRC 7.56+, it will try to obtain JSON For mIRC automatically (on LOAD) if not found using $urlget and $zip.

You can load the addon in PnP by placing it first in "%appdata%\mIRC\addons" and running "/addon i addons\weather.ppa" within PnP. It will automatically open the configuration dialog. The dialog can be found in menubar > PnP > Addons > Weather > Configure...

Trigger is set to !weather, but you can change this by running /`set weather.trigger !your-trigger

You can add networks and select either whitelist channels or blacklist channels. Whitelisted channels: Only respond to added networks and added channels. Blacklisted channels: Respond to all channels on network by default, but ignore those that are blacklisted.
For each channel (or network if blacklisted option is set), you can select what information the script returns: City, Country, Weather short description, Weather long description, Humidity, Temperature, Min. temp., Max. temp., Pressure, Visibility, Wind speed, Wind degree, Sunrise ETA, Sunset ETA and Cloud coverage.
November 24th, 2019 - By: acvxqs
Thumbs up if you enjoy using PnP, like to read its code to learn something new about mSL or have referred a friend to this website!
February 7th, 2022 - By: acvxqs
Hey lads and lasses! I just posted on the mirc forum (moderated though it is) about a gathering in #peace&protection on EFNET to celebrate PnP's 20th anniversary on Feb 28th 2022 at 20:00 CET. Party plan can be read here: https://github.com/peace-and-protection/PnP20thAnniversary
May 24th, 2022 - By: Ashburry
I tried to install PnP to %userprofile%\Documents\PnP I loaded the first.mrc file and let it initialize. Nothing happened. I closed mirc and reopened it. It attempted to install many features but they all failed. A dialog with status bar scrolled across the empty dialog and froze at the end. There were no close buttons for the dialog. The popups were loaded somehow and were very sporadic. I did not like the popup menus as they were at all, there were alot of menus with no details as to what some of them were about. A logger for an away system? excuse me, but isn't the open query window enough of an logging feature for getting messages while away. This is an old habit when everyone was trying to out do the next script and be the next script you would require an away system with logging. *fyi* not needed! I didn't spend time in the popups because they were a mess but I do not recall anything useful. I am not going to bother properly installing this script to %appdir% mostly because I believe the script should work no matter where your frist.mrc file is located as long as it is in the correct directory structure the exact location should not be an issue. It could be that I am using too new of an mIRC version but not much as changed in any mIRC version since the multi-server mirc was released. I give this script 0.4 out of 10 for good effort.
May 24th, 2022 - By: acvxqs
Oh hi! Installation instructions are provided here: https://github.com/peace-and-protection/Peace-and-Protection/wiki/Installation, but if you want to install it to %userprofile%\Documents\PnP make sure you: 1. Create an application shortcut to "C:\Program Files (x86)\mIRC\mIRC.exe" -r%userprofile%\Documents\PnP (Ensure there's no space between the -r switch and the target directory. This, to ensure $mircdir is set to that dir.) 2. Copy the PnP files and folders to the %userprofile%\Documents\PnP directory and start mIRC by clicking on the application shortcut. 3. Turn off warning "Confirm when using a command that may run a script" in mIRC > Options > Other > Confirm. 4. /load -rs script\first.mrc PnP is twenty years old and has seen windows 9.x all the way to windows 10 now... (When MS Windows moved away from 9x O/S to NT for the home, we stopped having write access to the %programfiles% folder. %appdata%\mIRC is where mIRC now looks if no switches are specified. It definitely makes sense to have your setup in %appdata%!) This script is not for you, but there are other scripts here :-)

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